Cteen of West Boca is run in conjunction with Chabad of West Boca Raton. Shaul and Manya Wasserman are the co-directors. Shaul grew up in Chicago, IL, in a secular home and attended public school. When Shaul was 14, he went to a Jewish high school and started getting involved in Cteen. That is when he began his path toward a more meaningful life. Manya grew up in Milwaukee, WI, in a traditional home. Similarly to Shaul, she attended a Jewish high school and got involved in Cteen.
Currently, Shaul and Manya have two daughters, Chana and Sara, and live in Boca. They are excited to connect with and inspire local middle and high schoolers.

As products of amazing Chabad programs and Cteen ourselves, we launched Cteen of West Boca to connect with and motivate teens, just as we were inspired.
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Midrash Rabbah on Genesis 21:21
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